Disposable Gowns

Supplying a wide range of high-quality and affordable disposable gowns for salons and hairdressers.

We’ve got a range of disposable PPE to protect you and your staff, however, you’ll also need to protect your customers. Our disposable gowns are the perfect solution. Typically used in hairdressing salons, these gowns wrap around the customer’s body and shields them and their clothes from any fallen hair strands, dye, shampoo, conditioner or any other product you’re using on their hair.

Also known as hairdressing capes, they protect your customer’s clothes during washing, colouring or styling. It can be difficult to wash or colour a client’s hair without getting any water or product on their neck or clothes, this is why the hairdressing cape was invented. Both the hairdresser and customer feel more comfortable knowing that any spills are going to land on the cape rather than on the customer.

Our disposable gowns are affordable whilst being premium Hydi quality, they’re super-thick at 16mu and a decent size of 1400mm x 1000mm, so they’re able to comfortably cover every customer’s body. Priced at a generous £31 per 500, they work out at around just 6p per cape and are packed 100 per pack and 5 per carton.

Stick to the classics with our sleek white hairdressing capes or take a glamourous turn by purchasing our gorgeous pink capes. We’ve got the products to match your salon perfectly and you can get them when you need them – we make sure to maintain a high daily stock holding of 7 figures so we can deliver our products ASAP.

We are a direct importer of products perfect for keeping your salon safe and hygienic, we only supply from the best factories across the world, providing top-quality products for very low prices.

Stock up on more of our hygiene products to receive FREE UK mainland delivery on orders over £100.

If you’ve got any questions or queries about our hairdressing capes, or if you need some advice on which product is the best fit for you, please contact our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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