Face Masks

Supplying you with a wide range of face masks ideal for hair and beauty salons.

You can order our medical face masks in either black or classic blue. Our black face masks are premium quality type 1 EN14683 3ply whilst our blue masks are premium quality type 11R EN14683 3ply, both of these are supplied with full CE documentation, including certificate of conformity, test data, and independent verification so you’ll know that they’re legitimate and safe.

Packs of 50 are only £4.99 or save massively by purchasing 40 packs for £120 – that’s a huge saving of around £80 and works out at just £3 per pack.

Infectious diseases, such as COVID, are spread by respiratory droplets in the air coming from your mouth and nose. Face masks act as a filter for these droplets, preventing most of them from reaching the people who are near you.

There are many reasons why you should wear a mask, you’re protecting other people as well as yourself – diseases spread from person to person and you could be providing a service to someone who is vulnerable, whether they’re older, have asthma or a different condition, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent your customers contracting a disease from your salon.

Our masks tick all the right boxes when it comes to the CDC recommended type of mask:

• Medical procedure, surgical, disposable face masks
• Fit properly
• Made with breathable fabric
• Made with tightly woven fabric
• Made with three layers
• Inner filter pockets

Make sure your salon is looking professional and acting safely by purchasing our face masks, they’re snug, easy to use and offer amazing protection.

As well as helping reduce the spread of airborne infection, these masks for hairdressers and beauticians are extremely comfortable so you won’t have any problems with wearing them for hours at a time. Beauty services such as colouring hair can take multiple hours to complete, you’ll need to wear your mask for the whole duration, wearing an unsuitable mask can cause skin irritation and overall feel unpleasant. Our masks are premium quality so you won’t be disappointed.

We make sure to keep a high daily stock so we’ll have your products ready when you need them.

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