Face Shields

Here at Salon Disposables, we can supply you with top-quality face shields for added protection against airborne infectious diseases.

Also known as face visors, these products are perfect for your spa, hair salon or beauty salon. They’re anti-fog so you’re able to see perfectly clear without mist or condensation disrupting your view. Premium quality CE marked medical face shields – they’re very strong and durable to effectively block harmful substances to protect your entire face.

Not only are these salon face visors perfect for protecting against infectious diseases, but they’re also extremely comfortable as they come with an elasticated foam headband making them ideal for extended use. When working in a salon, your customers can come in for a few hours at a time for their hair colouring, washing, drying and styling – you’ll need to wear a visor and mask for the duration of this time and often there are multiple customers in all day, coming in and out of your salon alongside your full-time staff who are also there all day. This means that you’ll be wearing your mask and shield until you close or until you have a break, wearing an uncomfortable visor can cause skin irritation and just be an unpleasant experience overall. This is why our face visors are the perfect solution.

There are many benefits to wearing these salon face visors, they’re very lightweight so you won’t feel any pressure weighing you down, perfect for all-day use. They don’t disrupt your vision, providing all-around, crystal-clear vision and they help protect others from droplets caused by sneezing, coughing, or breathing. The visors are extremely easy to clean, simply wipe them down with anti-bacterial wipes.

Please make sure to wear these visors with our face masks for complete protection for yourself and the customers of your salon. Studies show that these visors are only added protection and not a replacement for masks. Droplets can still get under and around the gaps of visors if you’re not wearing a mask as well.

Offering excellent value for money, we sell these visors at just £2 per shield, available to order in packs of 10. Order some of our other PPE products to qualify for FREE UK mainland delivery on orders over £100.

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