Bin Bags

Bin bags for hair and beauty salons available now from Salon Disposables.

Our range includes 10kg medium duty clear refuse sacks, 12kg medium duty black refuse sacks, 20kg extra wide heavy duty black refuse sacks and 5kg light duty black refuse sacks.

Whether you need a heavy-duty solution to hold all of the waste your salon produces during the workday or you just need a lighter solution for your small salon bins to place tissues or wrappers in, we’ve got exactly what you need, whatever your requirements.

All of our bin bags are produced from 100% recycled material meaning that you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment. There are a few reasons why you should buy recycled products:

• Earth’s landfills continue to grow and overfill, when buying recycled items, this frees up land space and stops old materials from being thrown in landfills
• Encourages companies to produce more recycled products rather than the alternative – “voting with your wallet”.
• Helps maintain a cleaner, healthier planet by limiting pollution – recycling products means that we are decreasing the demand for new materials, therefore reducing the levels of pollution.
• Doesn’t waste precious natural resources – items can be reused instead of being manufactured again which takes a lot of natural resources used in the extraction and processing of raw materials.
• Takes less energy to recycle an item rather than remake it.
Extracting raw resources to create new materials takes a lot of energy – an example is plastic, produced from crude oil or natural gas. When plastic is made from other recycled plastic, around 80% energy is saved.

Just because our bin bags are made from 100% recycled material doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality, they’re all extremely strong and durable and can hold a lot of waste.

Our clear bin bags are ideal for security reasons as you can see exactly what’s being thrown away. We supply our refuse sacks in packs of 200 from £9.99 a pack for our light duty bags, up to £18.99 per pack for our bags that have the highest capacity.

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