Here at Salon Disposables, we have a wide range of cleaning cloths ideal for your hair or beauty business.

Our range includes all purpose and microfibre cloths in a selection of different colours including blue, green, grey, pink, white, yellow and red. Our all-purpose cleaning cloths are large, measuring 50cm x 35cm in size, they’re super-thick and semi -disposable along with having a high viscose content for super absorbency. Ideal for wiping down your workstations and general cleaning, it’s extremely important to clean your surfaces after each customer to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Our premium microfibre range is thick and extra-large, measuring 40cm x 40cm in size. The microfibre fabrics are great for trapping dust and dirt so you’ll need less water and no cleaning fluid. Sold in packs of 10, these cloths can be washed over and over again, the use of fabric softener is discouraged however as it will break down the microfibres and stop them from working. Our microfibre range is popular with customers that don’t like using detergents as they can be expensive and also can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. Microfibre cloths have many fibres that are extremely small in size, they clean better as they’re able to attach themselves to microscopic dirt particles. They’re ideal for making sure your salon is as clean as possible. You only need a slight amount of water to clean with these microfibre cloths so the dirt is loosened for the fibres to sweep it away.

Any area where your customers or staff spend time or touch needs to be wiped down on a regular basis to prevent the spread of bacteria. Our range of cloths are long lasting and super absorbent so you can be sure that they’re right for the job.
At Salon Disposables, we make sure to keep a high daily stock holding of seven figures so you can receive the products you need fast and when you need them.

If you’re interested in these products, take a look at our other ranges of hygiene products for salons that are sure to keep your premises fresh and clean for your staff and customers.

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