Here at Salon Disposables, we have a wide range of soap, sanitiser and paper towel dispensers available to order.

The government has encouraged the use of a hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and exit of every business to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our range is ideal for complying with guidelines and keeping everyone who visits your salon safe.

Our range includes touch-free dispensers, tabletop stations as well as standing sanitiser stations in either black or white.

You can view the soaps and sanitisers that are compatible with this range of dispensers – make sure to stock up on refills so your salon doesn’t run out. Take a look at our paper towels that are compatible as well – we have 8 fold, c-fold, interfold and z-fold towels available depending on the type you prefer for your dispenser.

Our dispensers are reliable and can make sure your salon is maintaining a high hygiene standard. They’re aesthetically pleasing and just need to be refilled – removing the need for a bottle of hand sanitiser or soap which isn’t easily refilled.

Bottles of hand sanitiser or soap also aren’t touch-free like the many stations in our range, meaning that you’re getting bacteria on your hands after touching the bottle. Providing a touch-free solution helps to reduce cross-contamination between your staff and customers. The automatic dispensers in our range also deliver the optimum amount of sanitiser or soap in every use, effectively and thoroughly cleaning your staff and customers’ hands.

There are a range of reasons you should invest in a hand sanitiser dispenser from Salon Disposables:

• Fast way to disinfect hands, minimising the spread of bacteria
• Less cross-contamination
• Decrease in employee sick days due to bacteria not being spread easily, increasing productivity and lowering costs, less appointments can be cancelled due to staff shortage
• Gives your customers peace of mind when they enter your salon, shows you care about cleanliness
• Improved workplace health and safety, as your salon will be maintaining high hygiene standards

If you’re interested in our soap and sanitiser dispensers then you should take a look at our other hygiene products for salons to keep your premises clean.

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