Hoover Bags

Vacuum cleaners are essential in salons and hairdressers due to the amount of dirt build-up on the floors. Customers are constantly going in and out of your salon, bringing in dirt from the outside and onto your floors. If you complete hairdressing services, there’ll also be a mountain of hair on the floor after each client and you might not get it all up with just a dustpan and brush. This leads to a plethora of bacteria present on your floor ready to be transmitted to your staff and customers’ homes after they leave. A vacuum cleaner solves this problem, but you’ll also need plenty of hoover bags which we supply to many salons throughout the UK.

In our hoover bag range we stock Quintaflo Henry Hoover Hepaflo bags which feature high performance microfiltration as well as a strong five-layer construction, used in place of paper bags due to filtering the air 40% more efficiently.

We also stock Henry Hoover paper bags featuring high performance double filtration along with a strong twin layer construction. A sustainable solution for your salon, these paper bags are biodegradable.

The average human sheds over a million skin cells per hour, think of the number of customers you have coming in and out of your premises for hours at a time. Couple this with the number of haircuts you’re carrying out if you’re a hairdresser creating hair clumps on the floor each time. Bacteria, dust, allergens, pollen and more accumulate on the ground of your salon each day. If you don’t remove them, they can cause respiratory issues and are a threat for customers or staff with allergies. Inhaling airborne particles for long periods of time can even cause allergies rather than just flare them up. This is why vacuuming is extremely important and you’ll need the right equipment to do it.

Purchase our hoover bags today, we have them available in packs of 10. Keep your salon stocked up with our offer of FREE UK mainland delivery on all orders over £100.

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