Soaps and Sanitisers

Here at Salon Disposables, we stock a wide range of soaps and sanitisers which are perfect for keeping your hair or beauty salon clean and hygienic.

Our selection includes sanitisers and soaps for dispenser refills and they’re compatible with all of our dispenser range. Making sure you have a hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance of your salon is a great way for you to get across to your customers that you’re doing everything you can to combat the spread of infection. With the everchanging guidelines and more variants being discovered and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s extremely important you invest in a hand sanitiser dispenser now if you haven’t already so your staff and customers have access to easy sanitisation.

The guidance offered by experts notes that a hand sanitiser of at least 60% alcohol should be used to effectively kill germs. Our hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and is the ideal solution for your salon.

Invented back in 1946, sanitiser has been around for decades, first introduced by Goldie and Jerry Lipman, a married couple who developed the solution for rubber plant workers who had used harsh chemicals to clean their hands of grease. They created a waterless hand cleaner consisting of petroleum jelly, mineral oil and alcohol. The mix was named Gojo and the couple sold it out of the trunk of their car. In 1988, they decided to develop this product and the widely known hand gel named Purell was invented and released into the consumer market in 1997.

The World Health Organisation noted that you should only use sanitiser when soap and water aren’t available. This is why we also offer a range of soap; this includes dispenser refills as well as bottles of hand soap. Your salon needs to be stocked up on soap so that your staff can wash their hands regularly and after each client they’ve worked on to maintain a clean and hygienic workplace. We have foaming soap ideal for dispensers in your washrooms, it’s light and luxurious.

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