Toilet Cleaner

We stock toilet cleaner ideal for your hair or beauty salon’s washroom.
Our toilet cleaner and descaler has a high viscosity with a lovely green apple fragrance, it features a swan neck for easy-use and superb cleaning action.

There are many advantages of keeping a clean toilet in your salon:

• Many staff believe that the condition of a workplace toilet is an indicator of how much a business value their employees – keep your staff happy with a clean bathroom and toilet.
• Toilets are breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens that could cause illness if left unclean. Maintaining the cleanliness of your salon toilet means that you’re providing a safe toilet and ensuring a germ-free environment.
• Cost-effective – a dirty toilet could cause some of your staff to become ill, meaning more sick days and cancelled appointments. More toilet paper is used on a dirty toilet – many people place toilet paper along a toilet’s rim if they don’t think its clean as well as using it to touch the door handles, costing you more in toilet paper.
• Combat bad odours – toilets are the home for bad odours, it’s where staff and customers go to relieve themselves. This can lead to bad smells if you don’t clean your toilet regularly, causing anyone who goes in your washroom to have an overall unpleasant experience.

How to clean your salon toilet – apply our toilet cleaner to the bowl and allow to soak, swish it around with a brush. Whilst soaking, clean the exterior of the toilet with a disinfectant, scrubbing all around the toilet including the seat and base. When the toilet cleaner has had time to soak, use a brush to clean the bowl, make sure to properly clean the rim.

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