Eco Friendly Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Here at Salon Disposables, our selection of eco-friendly bamboo toilet tissue is one of our most popular ranges. This is because of the sustainable benefits as well as how luxurious it feels.

One of the best solutions for green living, eco-friendliness is the reason why bamboo toilet paper was invented. Deforestation is a massive problem all over the world and someone needed to think of an alternative to the vast amounts of paper products causing the cutting down of our precious trees and rainforests. Toilet roll is produced in huge quantities – the average person uses around 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. If we could swap out the use of trees for this market and use something different, we would be seriously helping the environment and decreasing the threat of global warming.

In comes bamboo – the ideal material for toilet paper. When you take the enormous stems off bamboo, they don’t die, rather they grow back even bigger! There’s absolutely no risk of shortage either; bamboo takes just 1-2 years to fully grow back, however trees take 10+ years to grow and you’ll need to plant another after cutting one down as they don’t grow back.

When we destroy rainforests, we’re destroying many animals’ homes, taking away their shelter and food source. This has already led to extinction – three decades of deforestation has meant the complete extinction of 10 mammal, 20 bird, and 8 amphibian species. You might be thinking about the pandas that rely on bamboo as their main food source – don’t worry, the bamboo we supply is in managed farms far away from the panda’s natural habitat.

Many people don’t try salon bamboo toilet tissue because they believe it’s going to be rough on sensitive areas, but this isn’t true at all! Our toilet tissue is remarkably soft and the customers we’ve supplied these products to have been amazed at just how soft it actually is.

There are many other benefits of stocking your salon up with bamboo toilet roll – it’s anti-bacterial, naturally hypoallergenic, 100% pure bamboo, panda-safe, packaged in 100% recycled paper using soy-based inks and delivered using 100% recycled cardboard cartons.

What are you waiting for? Order our bamboo rolls today!

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