Facial Tissue

If you’re interested in super-soft facial tissue for your salon, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Our facial tissues for salons give that luxury feel – they’re manufactured from virgin pulp and they’re extremely absorbent.

Packaged in a professional box, the tissues are interleaved so when you take one, the next one pops out and is ready to use. Softness and quality are guaranteed when you purchase any paper products from Salon Disposables – part of the Silkysoft range, these tissues live up to their name.

Facial tissues were invented back in 1924 and their creator is still a massive brand today – Kleenex. The tale began during WW1 when Kimberly-Clark created a crepe paper used as a filter in gas masks, it was then transformed into a product which helped women with their periods. In 1924, Kimberly-Clark developed the product more, making it thinner and softer and named her brand Kleenex. They began marketing the Kleenex tissues as a cold cream and makeup remover in the US and then sold to the UK the next year.

In 1929, a researcher was suffering from hay fever and began using the tissues instead of his handkerchief, sales doubled after this, and the idea took off. In the 1990s, ultra-soft tissues were launched and marketed as an everyday luxury.

Facial tissues have come a long way from nearly a hundred years ago, becoming softer and softer as the world’s technologies have advanced – they have to be soft as they’re often used on sensitive or already-irritated areas such as a blocked nose.

We’re sure you’ll love our facial tissue range for hair and beauty salons. Salon Disposables makes sure to keep a high daily stock holding of seven figures to ensure we have the stock when you need it. We also offer FREE UK mainland delivery on all orders over £100, so bulk buy with us today and you can save a lot of money.

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