Paper Towels

Paper hand towels perfect for hair and beauty salons available to order now.

Here at Salon Disposables, we have a wide range of paper towels that are perfect for keeping your premises hygienic. We’re sure to have something that suits your requirements. Our range includes the Feelin premium white posh towels, the luxury white 2ply c-fold hand towels, our interfold 2ply sheets, z-fold 2ply sheets and of course, our eco-friendly ultra-strong kitchen rolls manufactured by Tiboo.

Feelin premium white posh towels – the height of luxury, these hand towels are pre-folded for your convenience and they have the look and feel of a soft linen towel, a great solution for your salon.

Luxury white 2ply c-fold hand towels – c-fold towels have tabs that are folded in on each other with the middle of the towel facing down, named due to it being folded in the shape of a C. Manufactured from the highest-grade Italian virgin pulp with each towel being micro glue embossed, these hand towels are super soft and perfect for your salon.

Interfold 2ply sheets – interfold towels, also known as V-fold towels, are folded in half. They come out of dispensers one sheet at a time to minimise paper wastage. Our best-selling paper towel, pure white and will fit 99% of dispensers.

Z-fold 2ply sheets – Z-fold, also known as multifold towels, have an extra fold creating a Z shape. Offering a super soft feel, this is the ideal towel for a luxury feel for your washroom. Featuring gorgeous embossing and a super-soft feel.

Eco-friendly ultra-strong kitchen rolls – lastly, we are offering a sustainable solution for your salon with our eco-friendly kitchen rolls manufactured by Tiboo. Every year, tons of kitchen roll is manufactured and sent out to the masses, ending up in landfills, contributing to deforestation, racking up a lot of water and energy use and creating plastic waste due to it normally being packaged in soft plastic. These kitchen rolls produced by Tiboo are made 100% of pure bamboo. When bamboo is cut down, it grows back even bigger than before, and it only takes 1-2 years for bamboo to shoot up to its full potential whereas it takes trees 10+ years to grow. The bamboo is located in managed farms far away from the panda’s natural habitat, so you won’t be taking any food away from our black and white friends.

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