Toilet Tissue

Here at Salon Disposables, we supply a wide range of toilet tissue. Keep your salon stocked up with our toilet roll range, it’s 3 ply, extremely soft and premium quality.

On average, a person uses around 100 rolls of toilet tissue per year – you and your staff are at work all day, for most of the week, that’s a lot of toilet tissue you’re going to need to keep your bathroom stocked up. You’ll need something that is affordable and perfect for bulk buying – here at Salon Disposables, we’ve got exactly what you need.

It’s used for bathroom hygiene as well as nose care, cleaning up any spills, sometimes removing makeup and more.

Toilet paper was invented in 1880, developed by the British Perforated Paper Company. It was made of rougher paper than it is made of now, it was sold in boxes of individual squares. We’ve come a long way in over 140 years, our toilet tissue for salons is extremely soft and sold in perfect rolls.

How toilet tissue is made:

• Trees are debarked – the outer layer of the tree is removed while leaving as much wood on the tree as possible.
• Logs are chipped into a uniform size approximately 1in x 1/4in
• The batch of wood chips is mixed with 10,000 gallons of cooking chemicals creating a slurry that is placed in a pressure cooker called a digester.
• The pressure cooker causes the moisture in the wood to evaporate. Wood pulp is then created.
• The pulp is put through a multistage washer system that removes most of the lignin and cooking chemicals.
• The washed pulp is put through a multistage chemical process where it removes colour from the fibre. It’s bleached so that the toilet paper is white.
• The pulp is mixed with water to produce paper stock, it’s 99.5% water and 0.5% fibre. The paper stock is sprayed between moving mesh screens, allowing most of the water to drain. Producing a wide sheet of matted fibre.
• The mat is then moved to a heated cylinder that presses and dries the paper to a final moisture content of about 5%.
• The paper is creped, which makes it soft and gives it a somewhat wrinkled look. This process makes the sheets slightly flexible but lowers their strength and thickness so that they practically disintegrate when wet. It’s then wound on reels.
• Converting machines unwind, slit, and rewind it onto long thin cardboard tubing. The paper logs are then cut into rolls and packaged.

Order our salon toilet tissue today.

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